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ECED Debates 2009
November, 2009
ECED Debates - Are They Educational?
            When Hubert Lacey invited me to open the meeting on the 12th September I was naturally delighted. I felt privileged to welcome the participants who represented several nations. I also took the opportunity to highlight what has become the key feature of these meetings, namely the occurrence of debates. I anticipated that, as in the past, debates would generate powerful ideas and above all the discussion would be entertaining. I also anticipated that the format of the debates would be of high educational value. It turned out that I was right about the entertainment provided from the close engagement of the participants. But I was mistaken in my prediction of achieving an educational success.
            My intention in presenting this mixed picture of the ECED debate is first to admit my limited powers of prediction and secondly to express honestly my disappointment as regards the limited educational success. I can make one safe prediction, and that is that my conclusions will generate disagreements. I am grateful to Gerry Butcher who has offered to have this commentary published on the EDEC website with an invitation to other participants at the meeting to respond. At this stage I wish to stress that no criticism is intended as regards the quality of the presentations, or the discussion. On the contrary, they were of an exceptionally high standard and led to a high level of engagement in the discussions. My criticism is mainly aimed at the format of the debates which on this occasion provided no resolution of polarised views and, even more disappointingly, failed to generate ideas from the available literature or suggestions for future research.
Debate One: “This house believes we should invest much more of our limited resources into preventing eating disorders”.
            The protagonists were Runi Børresen and Greta Noordenbos. The opposer was Eric van Furth. (Unusually Eric opposed the motion on his own because the other opposer had met with travel difficulties).
            My concern with this debate is that the motion deliberately omitted to define what was meant by “preventing eating disorders”. In particular a standard method of classifying types of prevention was not included. Consequently the proposers and the opposer quite shrewdly (and this is entirely fair) chose to select the type of prevention that suited their arguments. They did not disclose the three conceptual levels of prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary) proposed by Leavell and Clark in the late in1950’s, applicable to almost all medical conditions (quoted by Bertolote, 2009). 
            By primary prevention is meant preventing the appearance of the disease (or illness). It can be specific in type such as immunisation against an infectious disease, or non-specific such as improving the general health of the population.
            By secondary prevention is meant the early detection and treatment of an illness with the preventive goal of avoiding chronicity and irreversible complications.
            Tertiary prevention refers largely to rehabilitation whereby damage caused by the illness is reduced as much as possible and intact functions are preserved.
            In the case of eating disorders attempts at primary prevention have so far included interventions for the benefit of adolescents in schools. But there has been a notable lack of success with these measures. Secondary prevention includes the early diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and the correction of nutritional abnormalities so as to prevent osteoporosis (for example). This would also apply to patients with bulimia nervosa whose illness would be cut short by an energetic course of cognitive behaviour therapy.
            The proposers of the motion said it was very important to avoid severe weight loss and its complications, and recognised this as secondary prevention but ignored the limitations of primary prevention. The opposer to the motion quite rightly said that no one knew an effective way of preventing an eating disorder and evidently he was referring to primary prevention.
            My conclusion is that both sides were aware of the obscurity of the wording of the motion and used the ambiguity to suit their own ends. To the audience the debate was like a Rorschach with each side reading what they wished in the ink blots.
            Thus, my criticism is that the debate failed to elicit a classification of prevention for eating disorders. The proposers produced a list of references supporting their own arguments but did not summarise the evidence, or lack of it, for primary prevention. No doubt some of the audience saw their way through these obscurities but they would have benefited from a clarification of the taxonomy of prevention. This was an important educational gap in this debate.
Debate Two: “This house believes that information-sharing and carer involvement in the treatment of severe eating disorders should take precedence over confidentiality”.
            The proposers of the motion were Fernando Fernandez and Susan Ringwood. The opposers were Erika Toman and Bridget Dolan.
            The polarisation of opinion in this debate was very clear with extreme views being adopted. Eloquence was the hallmark of this debate. On the one hand there were dramatic accounts of extremely ill and depressed patients whose life would have been lost if there had been no sharing of information with the carers. On the other hand, the fundamental human right of privacy was presented as enshrined in European law and sacrosanct. The audience became fully engaged in asserting one or other extreme view with little room for compromise. The debate was exciting and even passionate at times. 
            In contrast, I thought that with the extreme polarisation of views there was a failure to explore a practical balance that should be reached in a clinical dilemma which is frequently encountered when treating eating disorders. On voting the motion was defeated, which means that in some instances the potential help from carers would be excluded. The dilemma is well recognised by family therapists treating adolescent anorexic patients. They become skilled at squaring this circle. It seems arbitrary, and wasteful, that after the legal cut-off age of 16 an adolescent patient could cut herself off from the help of an effective carer.
            My one personal contribution was to admit that I did not know of any systematic research in the field of eating disorders to try to resolve the conflicts which are commonly experienced. In contrast there is a growing literature on how the participation of carers can be facilitated in the case of psychotic patients who do not consent to sharing information with carers (Slade et al, 2007). This research group at the Institute of Psychiatry recognised that carers require access to relevant information to support them in their role. Moreover, a “culture shift” is probably required to train professionals to work with carers. The article also points out that legal rights to confidentiality are not absolute. A useful practical recommendation is the distinction between general information about the patient, which can always be shared without consent, and personal information which is new to the carer where consent generally needs to be obtained. It is also important to record what the carer already knows, and keep an audit of the consent already given by the patient. Such practical advice can be valuable when clinical obstacles are met, such as an adolescent anorexic patient demanding that the clinician should not communicate with her parents or carers. Slade and his colleagues recognised that the sharing of information is a complex process, best balanced by clinical judgement.     
            My grouse about the second debate is that it was extremely strong in the expression of personal opinion but weak in recognising that in the field of eating disorders we need to emulate research that has already been achieved in other branches of psychiatry.
            The two debates that took place at the Athenaeum were highly successful in engaging the audience, arousing interest and calling forth eloquent outpourings of opinion. They were both entertaining. On the other hand, they were both flawed in that there was insufficient recourse to established knowledge and no recognition of the need to inform opinion through research.
Gerald Russell
Bertolote, J.M. (2009). Primary prevention of eating disorders. In New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry. Eds. M.G. Gelder, Nancy C. Andreasen, J.J. López-Ibor and J.A.R. Geddes. 2nd edition, vol II, chapter 7.4, pp 1447-1451. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Slade, M., Pinfold, V., Rapaport, J., Bellringer, S., Banarjee, S., Kuipers, E. and Huxley, P. (2007). Best practice when service users do not consent to sharing information with carers. National Multi-method study. Vol. 190, pp 148-155.
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Paolo Santonastaso & Angela Favaro, Italy
11/27/2009 8:52:16 AM
ECED Debates 2009
We also agree with Gerald that it would have been advisable to define with greater precision the topic of the first debate (primary vs.
other types of prevention); however, as we remember it, most of the arguments of that debate dealt with primary prevention. For this reason, differently from Gerald, our stronger perplexities are not about the first debate, but about the second one (about the privacy) and its conclusions.
We think that in that discussion, it was not always clear that we were debating about very severe cases, i.e., cases where life is in danger. In these cases, for a clinician, the duty of protecting the patient's life can prevail over the duty of respecting the patient's privacy. We agree with Gerald that, on this matter, we can learn from the research performed in other psychiatric disorders. Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate among the psychiatric disorders and we need to adopt or consider any resource, including information-sharing and carer involvement, to try to reduce this rate. For this reason, in our clinical practice, in severe cases, information-sharing and carer involvement will take precedence over confidentiality when this can entail a substantial decreasing of the risk of death of the patient. However, such topics can easily induce the risk of an "extreme polarisation" in a debate, so it would be interesting to propose one or more specific clinical vignettes to discuss the different alternatives in a practical way.
Manfred M. Fichter, M.D
11/27/2009 8:48:18 AM
ECED Debates 2009
Professor Russell, in his commentary to the two debates of the 10th ECED London Meeting, recognized that both debates were “…highly successful in engaging the audience, arousing interest and calling forth eloquent outpourings of opinion…”, and that the debates were “entertaining”. His main criticism was that the debates were both based largely on personal opinions and not on scientific grounds.

My perception of both debates was that the speakers and discussions at the first debate on prevention indeed failed to differentiate between the three types of prevention as Professor Russell points out. By ignoring these definitions they probably made the debate more arousing and entertaining, but the conclusions of the debate were not helpful. Of course, there is the dilemma that a debate on the one hand should be entertaining and not boring, but on the other hand it should in such a meeting be scientifically based. Therefore, the motions are usually phrased in a dichotomous (either/or) fashion. On the other hand we try to teach our eating disordered patients to abstain from dichotomous thinking.

For the second debate the dichotomous formulation of the motion (information sharing with carers vs. confidentiality) became a problem concerning this issue in clinical practice. The majority of us will attempt to do both: to share information with the carer and to respect confidentiality towards the patient. The art of psychotherapy is to achieve both. When I think back over decades, times are not far away when carers were told that it was their fault that the patient was ill and that they should be ashamed and be quiet, and the best would be to separate the patient from the family. However, scientific data did not support this opinion. In the past twenty years developments took place in research concerning the role of the family in the treatment of anorexic and bulimic eating disorders. By now, a larger number of studies support the notion that carers should be included if possible in the treatment especially in younger eating disordered patients. The ‘Maudsley Model’ of involving carers in the treatment of eating disordered patients has spread from England to the United States in other countries and has been a very helpful and positive model for treatment of younger patients with an anorexic or bulimic eating disorder as studies by James Lock and Daniel leGrange showed. In following this approach, the clinician desperately needs guidance of how to maintain an optimal balance between involving the carer on the one hand and confidentiality concerning the patient on the other hand. For the next ECED conference I propose that we should have a scientifically based debate or a symposium on this issue: “How can we best encourage openness between carer and patient, and how can we best involve the carer especially in the treatment of younger patients with anorexic or bulimic eating disorders without disappointing the patient by breaking confidentiality?”

In closing, I must say that the organizers of this conference have done a marvelous job in putting this conference together in choosing a great location for the meeting and the main dinner with great food and wine and grandiose hospitality.

Manfred M. Fichter, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry
Greta Noordenbos
11/27/2009 8:46:48 AM
ECED Debates 2009
In the ECED debates participants are invited to present arguments pro or contra a proposition. It is very relevant to give a clear definition of the main concepts in the proposition. This procedure was introduced by Professor Gerald Russell who always was very good in describing all the relevant definitions of the main concepts in the proposition. This procedure is very relevant because it makes clear where the debate is about.

After the ECED Conference in London in September 2009 we received a reaction of Professor Gerald Russell in which he complains that the basic definitions of the words in the debate were not presented. Moreover the arguments given by the participants were not educative and informative enough. There was insufficient resource to established knowledge and no recognition of the need to inform opinion through research. Also presenters failed to generate ideas from the available literature or suggestions for future research.

What about the first Debate about the proposition: “This house believes we should invest much more of our limited resources into prevention eating disorders” I however do not agree. The first part of the debate was presented by Runi Börreson and she gave all kinds of arguments for the prevention of eating disorders. In her arguments it was clear that they were focused on the necessary and possibility of the prevention of the development of eating disorders.

In the second part I started to describe the words primary and secondary prevention.
Primary prevention tries to reduce the risk factors for the development of eating disorders. The aim of primary prevention is to reduce the number of new eating disorder patients. Secondary prevention is directed at early signally and early intervention of persons who already have developed an eating disorder. The aim of secondary prevention is to reduce the duration and the consequences of eating disorders.

Professor Gerald Russell has right when he writes that in the first definitions of prevention also tertiary prevention was included, namely the prevention of relapse and rehabilitation. However, in recent research nearly nobody talks about tertiary prevention, but about “after care” directed at the reduction of relapse and social rehabilitation. This was the reason that I did not include tertiary prevention in my presentation.

The second argument of Professor Russell is that the arguments were not educative enough, meaning that not enough research was presented as argument pro or contra the proposition.
Although not all relevant research was presented because lack of time, some of the most important studies were mentioned by me:
Levin and Smolak (2009) about media literacy
Noordenbos (2006) about early diagnosis
Piran (1999) Prevention program in ballet schools
Simon, Schmidt & Piling (2005) about the financial costs of treatment
Steinhausen (1999, 2002) about percentages of recovery of anorexia and boulimia nervosa
Vandeputte (2008) Training of school doctors about early diagnosis

The main issue in the proposition was about limited resources. However, there is only very few research at the costs of prevention and the treatment of ED (Simon et al, 2005). A small exploration of me whereby I asked several managers of eating disorders clinics in the Netherlands about the costs of treatment was very disappointing, because nobody could tell me how much it costs to treatment an eating disorder patient. Also for prevention the financial costs in dollars or euros is not clear. To give an idea about these costs is clear speculation.

The only fact which is clear is that treatment costs much more that prevention. Both Runi Börreson and I were pro the proposition that more money is necessary for the primary and secondary prevention of eating disorders, and we gave many arguments pro the proposition.

Because of lack of time the presenters could give only few arguments, but in the debate which followed many participants gave extra information and more arguments pro or contra the proposition. Their contribution made the fist debate a very educative experience.
So we hope that the format in the Debates will continue in the next ECED conferences.

Dr. Greta Noordenbos
Psychological Institute
Leiden University
Wassenaarsweg 52
2333 Ak Leiden
The Netherlands
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